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TermFinder - an online dictionary for students

TermFinder: online help with academic jargon


TermFinder currently contains termbanks in a number of academic disciplines:

  • Accounting
  • Genetic Biology
  • Geology
  • Statistics

TermFinder includes the core terms of academic disciplines in individual termbanks. It explains the meanings in accessible language with examples of their use, links to their pronunciations and diagrams or illustrations wherever possible. There are translations into Simplified Chinese (Mandarin) for all terms in the Accounting and Statistics termbanks.

To search for a technical term, select the relevant discipline and type the word you are looking for into the search box in the upper left-hand panel. If you are uncertain about the spelling, see Search Tips in the lower left-hand panel. That way incomplete or incorrect spelling won't prevent you from finding the term you want.

TermFinder may contain one or more pages relevant to the term you've typed in. It takes you to those pages with an explanation at the top as to why you are there. TermFinder offers you information on many more terms than are there as headwords, through networks of lexical links. The TermFinder system will log any unsuccessful searches, to show what extra headwords and search aids we need to add.

About the TermFinder project

TermFinder is a collaborative project between Macquarie University teaching staff and dictionary experts, designed to help beginning students understand technical terminology in their academic disciplines. So far it includes essential terms in Accounting, Genetic Biology, Geology and Statistics, and a developmental termbank in Neuropsychology. Participating staff have come from the Faculty of Business and Economics, the Faculty of Human Sciences and the Faculty of Life Sciences. The lexicographic content has been developed by members of the Linguistics Department/Centre for Language Sciences; the platform was built by the Centre for Learning and Teaching.


Feedback about TermFinder is very welcome. Please email it to TERMFINDER AT mq DOT edu DOT au.

The site is maintained by the Linguistics Department.


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